Looking for catteries Maine Coon in Moscow manually? There are more modern methods of searching!


have you Heard the phrase "I was sick cats?". Now, Maine coons are not hurt, they heal the soul! If you looked at the gallery, I saw this. And this is only a photo – in person it feels more powerful and peaceful energy of these cats.

After you have decided to purchase a Maine Coon cattery in Moscow, you have a task: to find "his" kitten.

Why we have created a website aggregator?

Select a Maine Coon in the usual way difficult. You need to have the animal coincided with your expectations a lot: gender, age, conformation, pedigree, character traits. This is a crucial choice - the cat will become your companions for 12-18 years.

to View all the catteries Maine Coon in Moscow impossible, even if you have a lot of free time. And buy the first available kitten rash, given the cost of the breed.

We facilitate searches and created a website aggregator. It allows you to compare offers from different breeders kennels in Moscow, within a single site. Just as you select the plane tickets, vouchers for vacations, movies in different movie theaters, etc.

without wasting precious time you can use two accounts to purchase a Maine Coon that will appeal.

The website is an aggregator of useful to you?

  • No need to browse all the sites of Moscow nursery Maine coons – we put ads in one place.
  • 10-15 minutes you compare dozens of offers. Through manual searching, this is unreal.
  • Choose gender, age, color, character, titles of the parents, the animal breeding or a pet - in short all the nuances that are important for you.
  • We are specialized resource - we are only cats, cats and kittens breed Maine coons. Don't have to be distracted by other options.
  • Compare the prices of different nurseries. Has the opportunity to choose an animal for your budget.
  • You will immediately receive the shipping information from the Maine Coon cattery from Moscow to the regions or in the Moscow region.
  • the Choice is only among the worthy options – we do not offer mestizos, animal culling without vaccination, etc.

Main advantages of a website-aggregator

  1. we do not Have random unscrupulous breeders. Only catteries Maine Coon! Any kitten has the papers (pedigree or metric).
  2. Before you buy a Maine Coon, you can ask any questions about the breed, peculiarities of feeding, care etc. We will advise you on what to look for when choosing a kitten – cat we have a wealth of experience.
  3. Not found a suitable option? Little time for tracking new ads? Leave a request and as soon as "your" potential pet, we will contact you!

Why buy a Maine Coon, because in Moscow presents the kennels of many breeds?

they Say, "the Man brought the cat to be able to pet little lion". In the case of aboriginal cats of the forests of Maine Leo will not be so small.

It is the largest domesticated cat in the world! Breeders joke: "Maine Coon concentrates charm two or three cats at once – as will fit in it by weight".

Majestic, with the fluffy tails of all breeds, they combine easy-going character and friendliness of a dog with true feline grace. It is the decoration of your home, leisure and life in General

Here you can buy kitten Buy a pedigree kitten of the British fold in Moscow

Popular kitten Зена




6 months 18 days


Черный MCO n

In pet: 740$
In Breed 1140$

Popular kitten Ксандра




5 months 22 day


Черепаховый серебрянный мраморный MCO fs 22

In pet: 860$
In Breed 1080$

Popular kitten Король




3 months 8 days


Черный дым MCO ns

In pet: 210$
In Breed 1750$