Features choice of grey or red Maine Coon

Buy grey kitten Maine Coon is the perfect solution, because we are talking about the curious, affectionate and playful animal. He will instantly become the focus of affection, all your family members.

Before you buy grey boy Maine Coon, you must understand that this breed is valued for dimensions. Even a small kitten will look like as an adult of a different breed. Distinguishing characteristics of Maine coons think their initial birth weight, dimensions and speed of weight gain kitten.

Buying grey girl Maine Coon, pay attention to her family history. The larger producers, especially the impressive dimensions will be the kitten. In addition to heredity, the weight of the kitten is influenced by many secondary factors:

the diet of the mother

- the number of kittens in the same litter.

- sex.

the Breed is considered prolific. One pregnant cat can make up to 9 kittens. This fact is especially important for those who are planning to purchase a ginger kitten Maine Coon in order to further breeding. At birth minimum weight for kids consists of 100 grams, but in a short time they are beginning to gain weight.

the largest and heaviest males are. Cats are somewhat inferior to them in size. For Maine coons, slow maturation. To achieve the first year they are twice the dimensions of the kittens of other breeds. At this age, they still retain a playful nature, though already fully matured for mating.


to buy red-haired boy Maine Coon and enjoy the interaction with the new pet, you must consider a few rules of selection of individuals:

- make sure that both parents are well developed and healthy, learn their photographs: your pet will receive in adulthood, similar appearance

- check with the veterinary passport of the kid and ancestry of his parents.

- observe the behavior of the kitten in the group: it needs to be active enough, to be playfulness. The presence of aggression, intimidation and the slightest sign of fear should make you think about the correctness of the perfect choice

- good kittens have a clean coat and bright eyes, their mouth has a smooth pink mucosa.

after making sure that the vending kitten meets these requirements, it is possible to buy red-haired girl a Maine Coon without any effort.

Kittens this unusual breed bring into the house when they turn at least three months. This is due to the long formation of rocks and a long stage of socialization of Pets. To three months the baby has time to learn from my mom all the necessary skills and is ready to move in psychological and physical terms.

Why is the cat a Maine Coon?

If you dream of becoming the owner of a luxurious, stately feline, the Maine Coon is a win-win. Kitty is great with children and loves socializing, it is not characteristic of aggressive behavior.

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