For what you pay, buying a Maine Coon?

Fans of domestic cats with awe transfixed in front of one of the most beautiful and popular breeds Maine Coon. Animals of this kind came in the European part of the continent of North America. They are large in size, compared with ordinary domestic cats, a high level of intelligence, thick luxurious coat and sweet habits.

These cats are incredibly playful and friendly. Thus, they don't raise the house a mess. Therefore, buy British fold kitten for free or for a gift often prefer pedants, the true fans of cats, fans of cleanliness and order. These cats are particularly interesting for families with children. Prices on Maine coons are formed in a chaotic manner. Let's see what lies in the cost of a kitten of this type.

The price tags on the cat the Maine Coon

At the moment, to buy a kitten in any country, including Russia and Ukraine. Changes in the value of the pet is not observed. However, there is a difference in age of the pet. For example, in the Russian market of a kitten can be purchased for 25-35, 000 (girl) and 30-50, 000 (the boy). For Ukraine, the Maine Coon price is converted to 5-7 000 UAH. for girls and 8 to 10 000 UAH. for a boy.

If you buy a purebred cat, the cost of the animal comes up to 50-70, 000 (15 thousand UAH.) and the upper limit of the sale. Perusing the offers on sites of nurseries, please note on this range. Proposals with a low threshold price should alert. As you can see, the Maine Coon is not a budget kind of pet. And in many ways, the price is justified by the conditions of keeping and breeding.

Why is kitty so much?

the formation of the price of a Maine Coon is affected by several factors:

  1. Color – cats with black fur are more expensive, because it is a rare color;
  2. Quality – confirmed by the relevant veterinary documents;
  3. Performance – if mom and dad kitten have differences, then it will cost more;
  4. the Complexity of the selection of moms and dads – to-knit can pick up cats in different countries and on different continents. In the value of the mortgaged costs of the maintenance and transportation of such "high quality" parents;
  5. Class kitten – there is an exhibition, breeding and domestic species;
  6. the Level of the nursery – many sellers put their price tag, justifying it by the authority of the kennel.

pricing for kitten begins with a pregnant cat and ends at the stage of sale of the litter. In the price includes the cost of maintenance of parents during mating, caring for mom, the feeding appeared on the Holy kids, special food for a diet, visiting the vet, vaccinations, and other manipulations. To sell kittens are available from 12 weeks of age.

What you need for content?

Before buying you should pay attention to the conditions of detention of animals at your house, analyze your monthly budget and take into account the number of unforeseen expenses. During the move you need to buy things that minimize stress of the animal. This is similar to the previously used toilet with the same filler, set the feed to which the cat used a variety of toys and vitamins.

Kids at the age of 12 weeks ready to communicate with home. Buy kittens Maine Coon from trusted sellers and enjoy the neighborhood of this interesting pet.

Popular kitten Roy




6 months 11 days


Черный серебрянный мраморный MCO ns 22

In pet: 1140$
In Breed 1820$

Popular kitten Ника




3 months 2 day


Красный дым MCO ds

In pet: 1030$
In Breed 1820$

Popular kitten Abigail




8 months 5 days


Черный черепаховый тикированный на сербер белые пятна на лапках и/или груди MCO fs 25 09

In pet: 800$
In Breed 1030$